Fall Mum Care Guide

Posted on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at 8:26 pm by Turks Greenhouses

 mums trio

Where should I plant mums?

Mums do best in a sunny location, minimum 4-6 hours of sun per day. Plant in well-drained soil, add peat moss or planting mix as needed.


What should I do after the mum has finished blooming?

After the blooms have faded or the plant has been frosted, trim off the old blooms but do not cutthe plant back. Studies on winter hardiness of mums have shown they are hardier if they are notcut back in fall. Wait to mulch the area until the ground is close to freezing. In our area, that isusually after Thanksgiving. Use a loose mulch such as hay or straw and apply it about 4 inches thick. Mulch should be removed in late March.


When do I pinch mums?

Pinch mums in springand into early July to increase fall flowering and maintain a sturdy, bushy plant.  Fertilize with a general purpose fertilizer in the spring and summer months.


Exactly where do I pinch the branches?

It’s best to pinch about 1/4″ above a set of leaves about midway up the stem, but it doesn’t haveto be precise. Try to avoid damaging the little side shoots developing where the leaves meet thestem. On young tender plants you usually pinch with your fingernails. If not, use a narrow-bladedscissors or pruning shear.


How often will they need to be pinched?

Your first pinch should be as soon as there is about 5-6 inches of growth. Then, after they have branched and put on another 5-6 inches of new growth, pinch them again.  Depending on the season, you may be able to get in a third pinch. To have mums bloom on schedule, avoid pinching any later than July 20.

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